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        Sichuan Honghua Industry Co., Ltd.


          Sichuan Honghua Industry Co., Ltd. (SCHH) , which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNEIC, founded in 1964. After fifty-five years of development and construction, it has become a modern enterprise with diversified and integrated development including precision analytical instrument manufacturing, hydropower, electrical equipment manufacturing, analysis and testing and other businesses.

          The SCHH stablish the development concept of "focusing on the main business, combining the two lines, intensive development and committed to innovation", and constantly promote the integration of enterprise technology and management level with the world level. With efforts to improve the level of production technology and constantly improve the operation management system, SCHH has become a backbone enterprise in the industry and a first-class R&D and production base in China. It has completed key tasks of operation and development in a safe, high-quality and efficient manner, making outstanding contributions to national defense construction and nuclear energy development.

          SCHH has constantly consolidated the foundation for its development and attached great importance to the construction of the talent team. Currently, there are 871 professional and technical personnel, and 8 enjoy the special government allowance of the state council, High-quality human resources, to support the rapid development of SCHH 's core power. High-quality human resources, to support the rapid development of SCHH's core power. SCHH has won many honors, such as "May 1st Labor Award", "national contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise", "National Customer Satisfaction Enterprise", "National Excellent Enterprise of quality management activity group", and won the "Outstanding Contribution award" of CNNC for three consecutive years.

          Into a new era, all the staff always adhere to the enterprise spirit of "loyalty, practice, passion and excellence", have the courage to take on responsibilities, strive upward, along with the strategic development goal of "one platform, three pillars and four bases", forge ahead with determination and perseverance, and make greater contribution to building China into a world nuclear power.