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        CNNC China North Nuclear Fuel Co., Ltd.


          CNNC China North nuclear fuel element Co., Ltd. (CNNFC), which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNEIC, founded in 1958. It is one of the first batch of plants and mines in China's nuclear industry, and a key enterprise in the development and production of nuclear materials and uranium assembly, making important contributions to China's national defense and peaceful use of atomic energy.

          As the largest manufacturer, supplier and service provider of uranium assemblies in China, CNNFC has the most complete uranium chemical process, uranium metallurgy process, uranium powder metallurgy process, nuclear material research, uranium assembly development and production system in China, and is the largest R&D and production base of uranium assembly and uranium metals in China. CNNFC has the enterprise characteristics of "integration of plant and Institute", undertakes scientific research tasks such as major national science and technology projects, and has scientific research institutions such as national enterprise technology center, Key Laboratory of nuclear industry, academician and expert workstation, postdoctoral scientific research workstation, Key Laboratory of uranium assemblies in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, uranium assembly engineering and technology research center, etc. In terms of research and development, we have accumulated abundant technology and manufacturing experience, developed and produced most kinds of uranium assemblies in China, and obtained a large number of scientific and technological achievements and patent technologies with independent intellectual property rights.

          Since the new century, CNNFC has vigorously expanded the field of uranium assembly manufacturing and nuclear technology application. Now it has the world's first industrial scale high temperature gas cooled reactor uranium assembly production line, the only heavy water reactor uranium assembly production line in China, the only AP1000 uranium assembly production line in China, and the AFA3G pressurized water reactor uranium assembly production line. At present, it has become the production and scientific research base with the largest variety of uranium assembly products and the most complete technical route in China and even in the world. Relying on the advantages of equipment and technology, CNNFC has further expanded the development of nuclear technology in nuclear power, aerospace, medical and other fields, developed and completed new uranium assemblies such as cap1400 autonomous fuel prototype, shaped assembly, China lead based research reactor clear-I prototype, and is actively carrying out the "innovation 2020" special thorium based molten salt reactor uranium assembly and ATF accident resistant uranium assembly of CAS , ads transmutation reactor uranium assembly, offshore floating platform uranium assembly, small reactor uranium assembly, annular uranium assembly and other new fuel assembly research and development. CNNFC 's products such as altimeter shield for spacecraft, uranium assembly for neutron medical reactor and shield for civil radiation source have achieved good results, especially the depleted uranium shield used in Shenzhou series spacecraft and Chang'e lunar exploration project, which has made new contributions to the development of national nuclear power industry and the progress of nuclear technology application.

          During the 13th Five Year Plan period, CNNFC will not forget the original intention of strengthening the country, keep in mind the mission of strengthening the nuclear industry, implement the development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, opening and sharing", comprehensively improve CNNFC's industrial ability, scientific and technological innovation ability and basic management ability, and firmly grasp the strategic opportunity period of China's nuclear industry development. Actively expand the field of uranium assembly manufacturing and application of nuclear technology, constantly push through the old and bring forth the new, expand, strengthen and optimize the main business, comprehensively enhance CNNFC's core competitiveness and sustainable development ability, and build a world-class nuclear material and uranium assembly production and research base.